Culpeper County

Culpeper County is located in the north central Virginia Piedmont Region at the junction of several major highways. The county is 65 miles southwest of Washington DC; 40 miles north of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia; 89 miles northwest of Richmond; and 174 miles northwest of the Hampton Roads area.

The community has convenient access to a number of interstate highways including I-95, 30 miles east; I-66, 42 miles north; I-64 49 miles south; and I-81, 50 miles east.

Distances to major metropolitan markets include:

  • Washington, DC: 65 miles
  • New York: 298 miles
  • Boston: 513 miles
  • Atlanta: 586 miles
  • Chicago: 721 miles

Strategically positioned at the center of Virginia’s major business hubs, Culpeper offers convenience without the associated costs, crowds, and congestion. Culpeper's location combines easy access to the cosmopolitan—with the lifestyle of a small town.

Culpeper County consists of 389 square miles of gently to heavily rolling hills in its western portion, to flat coastal plains in the east. Elevations average 400-600 feet in the west and 200-300 feet in the eastern panhandle. The county’s highest elevation is 1,000 feet. Drainage is provided by the Rappahannock and Rapidan rivers and their tributaries.


Culpeper enjoys a true, yet moderate, taste of all the seasons. Influenced by the mountains to the west and the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean to the east, the mountains steer, block, and modify the effects of storms and air masses, and the large open bodies of water modify temperature extremes.

Culpeper County has a relatively moderate climate. Westerly winds prevail. Average annual temperature is 56°; average January temperature is 35°; average July temperature 76°. Average annual rainfall is 41”; snowfall 19”.