Culpeper has a long tradition of effective, forward-looking leadership. In fact, the first elected County Board of Supervisors met on August 1, 1870 representing five districts, and addressed two items of business: to order the sheriff to collect taxes and to order the commonwealth attorney to protect and preserve the records of the County. Today Culpeper County supports a thriving community of both agricultural and commercial interests.

Culpeper County is governed by a seven member Board of Supervisors. A County Administrator oversees the daily operation of the County government. The Town of Culpeper is headed by a nine-member Town Council. A Town Manager oversees Town administration. The County and Town have adopted complementary comprehensive plans, and both governments enjoy a close and effective working relationship.

Vision: Culpeper County will strive to achieve the highest quality of life possible for our community through comprehensive, innovative, responsive, and meaningful services effectively delivered by motivated and skilled employees, guided by visionary leadership.

Mission: Culpeper County Government will strive to provide an environment which promotes a prosperous community dedicated to the health and safety of its citizens, while providing educational opportunities and data driven, citizen centered, performance-based management.

Virginia is the Best State for Business

Virginia is ranked the Best State for Business by And, Virginia is among the Top States for Business according to CNBC. In each analysis, cost of doing business, quality of workforce, and regulatory environment all drove Virginia to the top. A Virginia business location will positively impact your bottom line. Virginia offers:

  • A streamlined permitting process
  • Recruitment training programs to help new businesses become operational faster
  • Right-to-work laws which allow individuals the right to work regardless of membership in a labor union or organization. Virginia is the northern-most non-union, right to work state in the country.
  • An AAA bond rating, reaffirmed by Moody's, Fitch, and Standard & Poor's in November 2008
  • A 6 percent corporate income tax rate, which has not been increased since 1972
  • In Governing Magazine’s Government Performance Project, Grading the States 2008 survey, Virginia earned an overall grade of A- for management of state government. This is a testament to Virginia's long term planning and management of money, people, infrastructure, and information. Two other states, Utah and Washington, received an A- grade, and the national average was B-. Virginia also received an A- ranking in the “Grading the States” assessment in 2005.


County Tax Rates

Real Estate:


To determine the amount of real estate taxes owed, use the following formula: Assessed Value (Market Value) ÷ 100 x .65.

(The new RE tax rates that take effect 1/1/13 are: RE: $.72 and Fire/Rescue $.08 for a total of $.80.)

Machinery & Tools:


To determine the amount of machinery and tool taxes owed, use the following formula: Original Cost x Depreciation Factor = Assessed Value ÷100 x 2.00

Business Personal Property:


To determine the amount of business personal property taxes owed, use the following formula: Original Cost x Depreciation Factor = Assessed Value ÷100 x 3.50

Note: All local tax rates are subject to annual review and adjustment, if necessary, by the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors.

State of Virginia Tax Rates

  • Corporate Income Tax: 6%
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: $1.83 per $100 of Payroll
  • Unemployment Insurance Tax: 0.2% to 6.3% of total wages

Additional information on State of Virginia Taxes can be obtained at